Classifier scores that are submitted by ICORE clubs are recorded in the master database and classification ratings are updated monthly. A minimum of four (4) unique classifier scores must be submitted for a member per division (Classic, Limited, Limited 6, or Open) to establish a classification. Members whose dues have lapsed will revert to Unclassified status until dues become current.

You can check your current classification here.

Classifier stages are available for download here.


Classifier fees are waived temporarily until further notice.


Classifier Scores Procedure

Step #1:
Select classifier(s) from the available list. If you are unable to download and print these files, a collection of these classifiers, assembled as a loose-leaf Classification Manual, can be sent to the designated club representative. At this time, we are only providing Classification Manual to sanctioned clubs. If you wish to set up an ICORE club, please see the instructions here. ICORE members who do not have access to a sanctioned ICORE club may also submit classifier scores. These members must be current, in good standing and MUST have a NROI or ICORE certified range officer administer the stage and sign the classifier score sheet.

Step #2:
Set up the classifier(s) following the stage description very precisely. Use NRA D-1 Tombstone targets. When steel is required, it is essential to use the correct size.

Step #3:
If using paper scoring, please fill out score sheets completely and legibly. This includes Name, ICORE Membership Number, Club Name (where the classifier was shot) and Division (Classic, Limited, Limited 6, or Open - you must circle one), the date, your signature, and the Range Officer's signature. Please score the targets carefully and accurately. If the bullet hole is near a perforation, please use a transparent overlay to ensure the hit is scored correctly. The "best" percentage is taken from the top 4 of all classifiers, disregarding the very top score and averaging the next 3 scores.

If using Practiscore scoring, please be sure to insert the correct member numbers when registering shooters.

Step #4:
Classifiers may be submitted as either the Practiscore link, or as a Portable Document Format (pdf) file. When creating a pdf from a scanner, please choose at least 100dpi resolution and scan as a "gray scale" Black and White document. Score sheet pdfs should be sent in as soon as possible after the classifiers are shot. Saving up classifiers for months only adds to the difficulty of processing them in a timely manner. If a classifier is submitted for a future ICORE member, please insert "pending" in the ICORE member number field. All pending scores are saved for one year from date of the event and will be applied to the future member's records when a new ICORE number is assigned.

Step #5:
Email either the Practiscore online match link or the PDF score sheets to ICORE Statistician.

For questions or to request hard copies of classifiers contact the Competition Director.


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