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Starting an ICORE club “from the ground up” will require a tremendous amount of time and energy, but your efforts will be richly rewarded in many ways!

You’ll need only two basic things to start an ICORE sanctioned club - members, a place to shoot:

  • MEMBERS: ICORE requires a minimum of three ICORE Members in good standing to form a club. One member is designated the Club Representative and will be the primary contact with ICORE to ensure the club information is correctly displayed on the web site and to provide other liaison.
  • RANGE: Most existing clubs put on matches monthly and have an arrangement with a local range for a “regular” day each month. Several clubs presently use an indoor range, scheduling matches on week nights. ICORE has no requirements as to when or how often matches are held but a club generally benefits from regularly scheduled events.

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Starting An ICORE Club

If you’ve shot an IDPA/IPSC/USPSA match then you'll note that ICORE events are similar in safety and procedures. Our paper targets are "tombstones" and scoring is a little different, but it’s an action shooting sport that grew out the lack of support for revolver competition in the early 1990’s. ICORE was started using a blend of Steel Challenge, USPSA, and Bianchi Cup stage designs. Practiscore has ICORE classifier stages to aid in match setup as well as ICORE templates for scoring using electronic scoring. Stage designs and Match Books from Regionals, IRCs, and past Postal matches can be viewed here.

As with any organization, starting and operating an ICORE club will have a variety of tasks that need a variety of talents. For your matches you’ll need volunteers to do:

  • Promotion: Advertise match, get on local club calendar. Keep ICORE informed as to dates and schedule so web site data can be current.
  • Safety: Ensure Range Officers have basic skills such as range commands, awareness of shooter assistance, and fundamental rules such as muzzle control and revolver handling. Designate safety areas for handling of unloaded revolvers, and provide a pre-match briefing on local rules and procedures, including injuries and range evacuation routes.
  • Stages: Classifiers, custom designs, "borrowed" from ICORE events, or the Annual ICORE Postal Match.
  • Scoring: Set up match on scoring tablets, or prepare and reproduce score sheets.
  • Logistics: Props, target stands, targets, tape, and paint.
  • Match Day: Set up/tear down crews for stages.
  • Stats: Submit classifier scores by sending Practiscore match url or scanned paper score sheets to stats@icore.org.

For a simple match, four to five experienced shooters can share these jobs. For a more elaborate match or with less experienced members, more hands are always best.

For more individual assistance, email to ICORE Clubs Support.


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