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Starting an ICORE club “from the ground up” will require a tremendous amount of time and energy, but your efforts will be richly rewarded in many ways!

You’ll need three things to start an ICORE sanctioned club, members, money, and a shooting range:

1. MEMBERS - ICORE requires a minimum of three ICORE Members in good standing to form a club. One of these members is designated the Club Representative and is the primary contact between ICORE and the local club.

2. MONEY - ICORE also requires a $50 startup fee for new clubs good for one year. Subsequent renewals are free if classifiers are submitted each year.

3. RANGE - Most existing clubs put on matches monthly and have an arrangement with a local range for a “regular” day each month, the second Saturday for example. One of our clubs presently uses an indoor range, another option. ICORE has no requirements as to when or how often matches are held but a club generally benefits from regularly scheduled events.

A new ICORE club will receive:
1. A club sanction certificate.
2. ICORE Rule Books.
3. All the support we can provide via phone, fax, email, snail mail, etc.
4. Should your club decide to host a regional level match, various sponsors are already committed to support the effort.

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Submit to:
P.O. Box 500032
Malabar, FL 32950-0032

For more information contact ICORE Competition.

Some Suggestions For Starting An ICORE Club

If you’ve shot an IPSC/USPSA match a few times you have a pretty good idea of what an ICORE match is like. Our targets are different and scoring is a little different, but it’s an action pistol sport that grew out of USPSA “de-emphasizing revolvers” in the early 1990’s and is similar to IPSC. If you have no idea what I’m talking about here, you probably should try to find someone who does and has an in interest in revolvers, and talk him into joining up and helping out. Also, try to attend an ICORE match or two if possible, to get a feel for ICORE.

Starting any organization is an exercise in “picking yourself up by your bootstraps” and starting an ICORE club is no exception. For example, “Let’s put on a match next month for $20 a head. That will give us enough money to pay the ICORE sanction fees.” Response is, “OK but the range wants $100 up front!” One solution is to set up a meeting with all the revolver shooters you know (free beer usually gets people there) and discuss forming a club. How you structure it is up to you but try to get everyone to contribute $25 to the club treasury to get you started and get them to commit to helping out. There are a variety of tasks to be done and you’ll need a variety of talents.

Some of the tasks to be done include:
For your club you’ll need at minimum a Chairman/President, a leader. You may want to designate other officers such as Treasurer, Secretary, etc. as your club prefers.

For your matches you’ll need people to do:
-Stage Design
-Logistics (Do we have the props, target stands, targets etc. that we need?)
-Setup/tear down crews for stages
-Prepare and reproduce score sheets
-Sign up
-Stats (statistics, calculate scores and results)
-Promotion (advertise match, post signs as to special rules or procedures, designate safety areas, etc.)

For a simple match, four to five experienced guys can share these jobs. For a more elaborate match or with less experienced people, get as many folks as you can to help. It’s more fun that way too!

Price your matches so you make a few dollars per shooter at each match and your club's treasury will grow. Plan to repay your initial contributors when the treasury can afford it. When setting the fee for your matches consider range fees if any, and supplies you may need, targets, target tape, target stands and sticks, staples, copying costs, etc. (some ranges include it all in the range fees) and add a few bucks per shooter so you make a little profit. You can structure your club in any way that works for you and your shooters. There is always plenty to do so the more people you can get to “share the load”, the better.


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