Dave Bellis

Dave Bellis was ICORE's first Treasurer, holding the position from the election of the first Board of Directors. Through his thrift and attention to the business of ICORE, Dave brought our sport from a fledgling organization to a well-run and financially sound professional enterprise. Not only a dedicated Officer, Dave was also a fierce competitor and could be seen at every IRC with his fellow Arizona Rocks shooters. While his spirit was indominatable, he was taken from ICORE shortly after the 2006 IRC by a long-existing heart condition.

Dave Bellis


Dave Bellis Memorial Achievement Trophy

The ICORE Board of Directors established the Dave Bellis Memorial Achievement Trophy in 2007 as a perpetual trophy that would be used to recognize contributions to ICORE in keeping with the ethic that Dave established during his long tenure. This trophy is awarded each year to recognize one outstanding ICORE member for dedication, service and achievement in support of ICORE and the shooting sports.

Award recipients:
Fred Pickard
Craig Gilbert
Chris Sallee
Hogue Family
Aaron, Neil, & Pat
Art Leach
Bev Simpson
Ron Williamson
Vic Pickett

Dave Bellis Achievement Trophy



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