For privacy last names are limited to 3 characters.

Only financial members are listed. Expired ROs may not officiate.

ICORE Num Last Name First Name Status Expiration
LAUS3848 Cal Loraine Life 
LAUS2179 Cor Christian Life 
LAUS2752 Cro Louise Life 
LAUS3783 Dav Dale Life 
LAUS1576 Don Charmaine Life 
LAUS1230 Don Clay Life 
LAUS1886 For Stuart Life 
LAUS1651 God Brett Sinclair Life 
LAUS1562 Goe John Life 
LAUS2228 Ham Travis Life 
LAUS1140 Lai Bryan Life 
LAUS3071 Mac Dudley Life 
LAUS9676 Mee Vic Life 
LAUS9878 Mos Andrew Life 
LAUS9896 O'B Daryl Life 
LAUS2750 O'T Patrick Life 
LAUS1575 Oak Robert Life 
LAUS9678 Oli Ron Life 
LAUS1895 Pem Steve Life 
LAUS2885 Pic Jake Life 
LAUS1333 Ric Malcolm Life 
LAUS1412 San Dan Life 
LAUS9897 Tay Neville Life 



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