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ICORE Num Last Name First Name Status Expiration
CAN3457 Ans Jason Current31 May 2019
CAN3634 Bai Lyonel Current14 Mar 2019
CAN2890 Bax Tony Current25 Jun 2019
LCAN2130 Bla Hugh Life 
CAN2913 Bro Rodney Current31 Aug 2020
CAN3206 Car Adam Current01 Jun 2019
CAN3183 Car Larry Current27 Apr 2019
CAN3574 Cul Richard Expired12 Nov 2017
CAN3213 Fer Philip Current15 Jun 2019
CAN3256 Hea Michael Current27 Jul 2019
CAN3708 His Michael Current26 Jul 2019
CAN2909 Lai Paul Current15 Aug 2019
LCAN3276 Lak Reginald Life 
CAN3582 Lan Dave Current28 Apr 2019
CAN3238 Mas Ralph Expired06 Jul 2018
CAN3065 Mor Paul Current18 Aug 2019
CAN3143 Mor David Current04 Feb 2019
LCANNOD Mos Gregory Life 
CAN3300 O'C David Current09 Apr 2019
CAN3204 Pre Ken Current31 May 2019
CAN3361 Qui Bryan Current30 Jan 2019
LCAN2877 Ram Paul Life 
CAN3402 Ric Don Current17 Mar 2019
CAN3207 Sco Christine Current03 Jun 2019
CAN3194 Sco Daniel Current03 Jun 2019
LCAN3119 Ste James Life 
CAN3205 Vye Jamie Current01 Jun 2019
LCAN3038 War Ken Life 
LNV2484 Ada Kenneth Life 
LA1438 Ays Annette Current01 May 2019
LA1439 Ays Elliot Current01 May 2019
CA2860 Bak Chris Expired15 May 2018
FL3178 Ber Barry Current23 Apr 2019
FL2771 Ber Ed Expired31 Aug 2018
FL2404 Biv Joseph Current10 Jun 2019
FL2411 Biv Peggy Current10 Jun 2019
LA1950 Bou Forrest Current01 Mar 2021
NV231 Bra Steve Grace11 Nov 2018
FL3064 Bra Owen Expired05 Aug 2016
CA2969 Buc Martin Life 
FL3337 Cap Bill Current14 Nov 2019
LNV2139 Car Nathan Life 
WY3869 Cat James Current23 May 2019
NV233 Cha Ken Current26 Jan 2019
LFLFELI Cha Melanie Life 
CA2872 Cha Annette Expired01 Jun 2016
LCA1825 Cha James Life 
WY3516 Cha Mark Current23 Aug 2019
FL3447 Col Anne Expired17 May 2018
FL2599 Col Larry Current14 Aug 2019
CA2930 Czo Larry Expired26 Sep 2015
MI2242 Dan Franco Expired10 Jul 2017
FL3055 Duk Michael Expired28 Jul 2017
LLA1610 Dur Jonathan Life 
CA2998 Ell Timothy Current27 May 2019
CA2019 Eng Alicia Current10 Aug 2019
CA1343 Eng Bob Current10 Aug 2019
NV2992 Fau Doug Current21 Jul 2019
CA2540 Fav Michael Expired14 Apr 2016
LUT2590 Fra Scott Life 
NV2862 Gui David Expired09 May 2016
LNV3144 Gut Joe Life 
NV3164 Gut Merry Current28 Mar 2019
CA1502 Has Edward Current01 Jul 2019
FL2966 Hea Joe Current30 Jan 2019
FL9612 Hed Bob Current01 Apr 2019
LCA9582 Her Juan Life 
CA2710 Hod Robert Current26 Apr 2019
LKS108 Hom Mike Life 
CO1002 Hop Steve Current08 Jul 2019
LFL2430 Hub Scotty Life 
CA2955 Hun Kathryn Current13 Jan 2019
CA2954 Hun Robert Current13 Jan 2019
FL1193 Hun Bob Current31 Jul 2019
FL3058 Hya Tony Expired28 Jul 2017
WY3853 Isn Bradley Current26 Apr 2019
CA2828 Jef Martin Current07 Feb 2019
LCA139 Jos Ronald Life 
CA2316 Kil Wayne Current02 Mar 2019
NV2780 Kol Stan Expired31 Aug 2015
NV2735 Kol Trevor Expired01 Jul 2017
NV3091 Kro Willis Expired25 Sep 2016
NV3527 Lan Bruce Current01 Sep 2019
LCA1152 Lea Eric Life 
LCA1185 Lee Martin Life 
CA147 Lev Pete Current01 Sep 2019
CA2383 Loc Mike Current08 May 2019
CA2712 Loe Peter Current16 Sep 2019
FL3507 Mac Christopher Expired12 Aug 2017
FL3021 Mac Judy Current19 May 2019
FL2834 Mal Keith Current07 Feb 2019
GA3398 Mar David Current17 Mar 2021
NV3090 Mar Linda Current01 Feb 2019
CA3001 Mit Trenton Current01 Apr 2019
LNV46 Mor John Life 
UT3631 Mou Roger Current07 Mar 2019
FL3430 Nun Mark Expired03 May 2017
WV1361 Per Robert Expired26 Aug 2018
CA1320 Per Michael Current01 May 2019
GA3336 Pes Ted Current13 Nov 2019
MD3433 Pin Paul Current04 May 2019
LCA2705 Plu Allen Life 
FL2720 Pod Donald Current17 Jul 2019
MA9632 Pow Bob Current01 Sep 2019
LNV2485 Rec Dennis Life 
GA3332 Ree Tracy Expired08 Nov 2017
LLA9801 Ric John Life 
LA3801 Ric Polly Expired21 Oct 2018
FL3686 Rod Dana Current05 Jul 2020
FL3130 Ros Donald Expired09 Jan 2018
CA9826 Run Harry Current21 May 2019
CA2836 Sal Craig Current09 Aug 2020
NV3793 Sch Ron Current23 Feb 2019
LFL2367 Set Robert Life 
LCA1684 She Zachary Life 
LCA9617 She Lenard Life 
NV2694 Ski Ron Current07 Mar 2019
MO1683 Sur David Expired01 Jul 2017
MO1866 Sur Paul Expired01 Jul 2015
LA1436 Thi Barbara Current01 Apr 2019
LA1437 Thi Gary Current01 Apr 2019
UT3550 Tho Steve Current30 Sep 2019
LCA8447 Tur Jerome Life 
LWY165 Ulr Kurt Life 
UT3858 Vau Kenneth Current27 Apr 2019
LFL9970 Wal Clifford Life 
FL2896 Wei Marc Current09 Jul 2019
NH2475 Why Peter Current23 Apr 2019
FL3318 Why Tracy Expired18 Oct 2017
LSD3161 Wic Mark Life 
FL2642 Wig Michael Current30 Jan 2019
LFL2704 Wil Michael Life 
CA1130 Yem Glenn Current01 May 2019
CA2398 Yos Josh Current04 Jun 2019



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