New England Regional Revolver Championship Results

September 4, 2016


The 2016 ICORE New England Revolver Championship was contested this year at the Springfield Sportsman’s Club in Monson, Massachusetts and hosted by the Mass Action Wheel Gunners. This was an 8 stage 200+ round match.

There was a threat of bad weather due to the influence of hurricane Hermine but it looks like the ICORE gods took care of us once again and kept the hurricane south of us, which resulted in absolutely stellar weather to shoot in.

We had a total of 35 shooters. I originally anticipated a slightly higher number but considering the Area 8 USPSA Championship was on the same weekend, I think we ended up doing pretty well anyway. We had shooters from 7 different states including CT, MA, NY, NH, NJ, PA and 1 all the way from FL.

Let me congratulate the match winners:

  • Peter Enis was Open Division winner and overall Match Champion with a total time of 215.16
  • Alec Mcmahon was Limited Division winner and second overall with a time of 217.87
  • Jeff Nicoll was Classic Division winner with a time of 285.39
  • Craig Buckland who is a returning Champion captured the Limited 6 title with a time of 301.34
  • High Senior was Peter Enis
  • High Super Senior was Jim Martino
  • High Lady was Karen Zeger

We had a small but dedicated staff this year and they all did a great job with setup and running the match. We also had a great group of shooters that were willing to step up and help when needed. John Major served as Range Master once again, stage RO’s were Matt Nash, Bill Thorpe, Wil Cournoyer, Maryann Melisi and Chuck Vanalstyne. Handling food and prizes were Karen Zeger and Paul Kaminski and I (Bob Powell) was Match Director. Special recognition goes to Cliff Farquhar. Cliff is a club board member but does not shoot ICORE. Despite that, he was at the range for hours helping set up the stages and then teardown when it was over. Thank you Cliff.

With the stages this year I tried for a mix of skills including some long shots, close up, speed shooting, retreating, X-count and a variety of swingers, maxtrap, drop turners, poppers and steel plates. Based on shooter comments I think we did a decent job.

I want to thank our prize sponsors for this year. The sponsors were very generous and supplied us with enough booty so that everyone that shot the match was able to receive a prize. After everyone walked the prize table once we still had some items left so we put all the tickets back in the jar and kept pulling names until everything was gone. I can’t you enough. The sponsors were:

  • ICORE which supplied $700 in cash prizes, Hats and 3 entries to the IRC
  • Guns and Gear - a local gun shop and past supporter – Judith, one of the owners also shot the match
  • Hogue Inc. – Always a stellar sponsor and was very generous once again
  • The Revolver Supply Co. – George Martin who is always willing to donate
  • Revo Gear – Dave Parker and fellow ICORE shooter
  • Paper City Firearms – Holyoke, MA Marshall Johnson – New Sponsor
  • Snap On – My Snap On dealer Ian Urch – Not in the gun industry but wanted to contribute

Please drop these companies an email and thank them for their support.

It was a great day and a fun match. Unfortunately this year we lost a close friend and fellow ICORE shooter. If he was still with us he would have been here working the match. He is sadly missed by many people and I would like to dedicate this match in his memory.

Age 61, Belchertown, MA

Our own local version of the world’s most interesting man. Rest in Peace.

Bob Powell