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Name: Steve S Member#: CAN3865 Status: Current Expiration:  17 May 2019

This member is an ICORE Certified Range Officer
Classic/Retro Limited Limited 6 Open
Class: D Class: U Class: U Class: U
Percent: 42.401% Percent: 00.000% Percent: 00.000% Percent: 00.000%
Count: 4 Count: 0 Count: 0 Count: 0

Date Div Event Percent Used*
11 May 2019 C Frontenac Rifle and Pistol Club 55.02%  H 
08 Sep 2018 C Canada Regional 37.41%  X 
22 Jul 2018 C Frontenac Rifle and Pistol Club 40.28%  X 
20 May 2018 C Smiths Falls Fish and Game Club 34.96%   
20 May 2018 C Smiths Falls Fish and Game Club 49.51%  X 


* X in "Used" column indicates this score is used in the classification calculation
  H in "Used" column indicates highest score that is not used in calculating the classification

Only Members that have 4 or more unique classifier scores on file and are "Current" on membership dues or that are Life Members are assigned a classification. If dues are not current or fewer than 4 scores on file, then member is Unclassified. "Count" shows the minimum number of unique scores that are on file in the current database. Classifications marked with an "a" (assigned) have been adjusted based on finishes at a major match or other demonstrated ability or disability. Note that ICORE classification policy limits the difference between high and low classification rankings to one level.

If you have a question regarding your current classification please contact the Statistician.

The "Status" line shows whether you are Current (dues paid) or Expired (dues expired greater than 21 days). For membership status questions please contact the Membership Director.

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