Microsoft Access-based program

Use this ICORE scoring program for scoring your ICORE matches. This is Beta version 0.28 of the generic ICORE scoring program. It is a "runtime" installation so the program is usable when the target computer does NOT have Microsoft Access (part of Office Professional). The file is approximately 60 Megabytes because it includes the Access executable files. Up to 20 stages and 325 competitors can be scored. This version has the "front end" database with queries/forms/reports and a separate "back end" database with all scores and match data. Download both and unzip. Follow the instructions in the Instruction Manual to install the runtime version and link to the scores data. The scoring program is set to install on the desktop as a default. As an example of how the program is used, the Scores.mdb contains the 2012 IRC results.

To set up your own match, use Windows Explorer to copy and paste the Scores.mdb into a convenient location. Rename the copy as appropriate - we recommend to use the match name. Open the ICORE-Scoring-Program and re-link to the new scores data as prompted. Once re-linked, the Match Setup menu choices can be used to flush the scores data and set up the new match and stage parameters.

Download the MembershipData CSV (comma separated variable) file to update the classifications for the competitors. Unzip the file onto your desktop or wherever the ICORE scoring program is located. Follow the prompts when using the button named "Update Classifications" in the program. The MembershipData file is always updated at the same time that new classifications are posted on the web site.

If you have Microsoft Access 2007 or later and would like the standard files, please request to the link below.

Microsoft Excel-based program

Excel wizard Dan Hall of the California Wheelburners has created a slick ICORE scoring program that can handle up to 10 stages. It provides options for special categories, prints results by Overall, Classic, Limited, Open, ICORE class and By Stage. It also can generate the web page HTML code as an output. Check out the Revolver Results from a recent Wheel Burners match to see how the output looks. "ScorIt" can be found on the Wheel Burners Match Tools page with complete instructions and a sample program with some results populated. There are also some generic score sheet forms, a steel scoring program and links to other stage and archives of local stage designs.

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