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Only current members are listed. Expired ROs may not officiate.

ICORE Num Last Name First Name Status Expiration
LCAN610 Ans Jason Life 
LCAN2130 Bla Hugh Life 
LCANVPD1010 Bol Nicholas Life 
CAN2913 Bro Rodney Current31 Aug 2024
CAN3851 Bur Glenn Current28 Jan 2023
CAN3728 Car Henri Current01 Sep 2022
CAN3206 Car Adam Current05 Aug 2022
CAN3183 Car Larry Current29 Jun 2022
CAN3037 DeG Bernard Current06 Jun 2023
CAN3213 Fer Philip Current15 Jun 2023
CAN3767 Gre Sharon Current05 Nov 2022
CAN3897 Gwy Terrance Current13 Jul 2022
CAN3256 Hea Michael Current27 Jul 2022
CAN3708 His Michael Current17 Aug 2022
CAN3591 Kum Vincent Current08 Jan 2023
LCANSW610 Lai Paul Life 
LCAN3276 Lak Reginald Life 
CAN3582 Lan Dave Current30 Aug 2022
CAN4014 Lap Guillermo Current25 Jul 2022
CAN3045 Mar Sarah Current09 Jul 2023
CAN3238 Mas Ralph Current15 Sep 2022
CAN4053 Mat Bruce Current12 May 2023
CAN4015 Med Christine Current25 Jul 2022
CAN3886 Mon Guy Current24 Jun 2022
LCANNOD Mos Gregory Life 
CAN3300 O'C David Current09 Apr 2023
CAN4033 Pad Robert Current18 Aug 2023
CAN3864 Pat John Current02 Aug 2022
CAN3204 Pre Ken Current11 Nov 2022
LCAN2877 Ram Paul Life 
CAN3859 Sau Connie Current01 May 2023
CAN4030 Sau William Current02 Aug 2022
CAN3207 Sco Christine Current03 Jun 2022
CAN3194 Sco Daniel Current03 Jun 2022
LCAN3119 Ste James Life 
CAN3873 Tho Wayne Current01 Oct 2022
CAN3205 Vye Jamie Current19 Aug 2022
LCAN3038 War Ken Life 



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