Third Annual ICORE Postal Match


As hoped, the count of wheelgunners that shot the 3rd annual ICORE Postal Match was greater than last year. The total scores count is 301, a gain of nearly 60 over last year. Top score overall and first of the 111 Open shooters is Arizona Rocks shooter Vic Pickett, for the third year in a row. Vic wasn't content with his first score and went back to reshoot it, putting up a blistering total score. Peter Gillihan from the Bendigo Wheelburners squeaked ahead of fellow countryman Paul Kennedy to take second. As is often the case, the difference was that Peter out shot Paul on Paul's own stage design (X-Rings). Top Limited out of 190 shooters is Ivan Rehlicki from the Calibre Sports club in Victoria, Australia. Don Niedermeyer from Arizona repeated his second place finish from last year. Results are available at the links below. This year a By Stage breakdown has been added. It's interesting to note that even with Vic's smokin' total score, he did not win all the stages outright.

Of this year's 301 scores, 113 (38%) were from Australia, an increase of 22 shooters over last year. Considering that Australia has a population of around 20 million compared to the USA with 300 million, the nearly 40% participation of the "Down Under" crowd is a tribute to the untiring efforts of Howard Macdonald to keep the shooting sports alive and well in Australia. For reference, a map of Australia is shown below with the states and territories identified. In the results tables, QLD is Queensland and VIC is Victoria. Map provided courtesy of

A hearty "Thank you" to all the shooters for participating. A special thanks to Vic Pickett, Paul Kennedy, Rich Richards and Chris Saulpaugh for contributing to the stage designs, setup and organization of the match. Lastly, thanks to the individual club directors for getting the stage scores sorted and submitted.

Unless we hear otherwise, the plan is to repeat the Postal Match in 2004. We'll be keeping "Control Counts" and adding 3 "fresh" stages in the same manner as this year. The usual restrictions are: all paper, 15 yards max to accommodate indoor ranges, Shots Limited, and between 12 and 30 rounds per stage, adding up to approximately 100 rounds total for the match. If you have a stage concept, an idea, a recommendation or any other feedback on the match, please send me a note. You can also download match results as a zipped Excel file.

Keep shooting those A's,

Ron Williamson


Overall Results
Limited/Open breakdown
By Stage breakdown