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NewSouthwest Regional Results
Thanks to Matdh Director Chris Sallee, Rangemaster Jim Chapman and the Central Coast Wheelgunners for hosting this superb match with 87 happy competitors.

UpdatedOregon Revolver Championship
Click the link to see the match listing for this state championship hosted by the Albany Rifle & Pistol Club in Shedd, Oregon on 3 May. A match application is also available on the ICORE Match page or by clicking here.

Canadian ICORE Clubs Expanding
ICORE welcomes our second club in Canada, Frontenac Rifle and Pistol Club in Kingston. Welcome to Rodney Brown and our Canadian ICORE members.

Rocky Mountain Regional Application
Click the link to download a printable pdf entry form for this 21 June match in Colorado. Early bird expires 1 June. John Burkholder and the members of the Rocky Mountain Revolver Club always put on a superb match. Don't miss this one!

Central Regional Application
Click the link to download a printable pdf entry form for this Sunday, 20 July match in Niles, Michigan. Early bird expires 1 July. Bruce Cook and the members of the Bend of the River Conservation Club have hosted this match for 15 years previously and always put on a wonderful lunch in addition to a fun match. Click here to see a video of the 2013 event. Note the interview with "Team Bubber."

Germany ICORE Club
ICORE welcomes our first club in Germany, Heidelberg Wheelgunners in Heidelberg, DE. Welcome to Markus Schneider and our new German ICORE members.

Northwest Region
ICORE now has a Northwest Region effective 1 Jan 2014. Kansas is now part of the Midwest and California/Nevada above the 37 deg latitude are joined with Oregon, Washington, and Alaska to form the new Northwest Region.

Classifications and membership status updated 22 April 14.
stats@icore.org. -->Percentages have been re-based as of January 1, 2014 in accordance with our policy available here.

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