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2014 IRC Final Results

NewNorthwest Regional Results
Click the link to see the results for the inaugural Northwest Regional Championship. Thanks to Match Director Nathan Carmichael and the Stillwater Firearms Association members for creating and running the match. Mother Nature did not cooperate but the match went on and a great time was had by all.

New England Regional Results
Click the link to download the results as a pdf. Thanks to Match Director Bob Powell and Range Master John Major for hosting this event.

Southern Regional Results
Click the link to see the results. Thanks to Match Director Danny Warren and scorer J.D. Swoger for rapid results. Congratulations to Elliot Aysen for his overall win.

ICORE Postal Match 2014
Click the heading to download the stages for the 2014 ICORE International Postal Match. Thanks as usual to Match Director Paul Kennedy for the creation, drawing, and publishing this 14th occurrence of the ICORE International Postal Match. Note that stages must be completed and scores submitted by the end of 2014. Results will be available in 2015. All clubs and even non-members are encouraged to shoot and submit scores. Introduce a new shooter to ICORE!

Classifications and membership status updated 25 September 14.
Classifications include the scores from the New England Regional.
Our classification policy is available here.

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