ICORE Service Award

This annual recognition honors one member for outstanding dedication, service, and contributions in support of ICORE. As described in the Policies and Procedures Manual, the selection is a joint decision of the Board and the last recipient, and the intent is to announce the award during the award ceremony of each International Revolver Championship (IRC).

The Service Award was initially established in 2007 to recognize exceptional service to the organization in keeping with the principles of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and competition that were established by the ICORE founders.


Alex Bakken

2023 ICORE Service Award

For his commitment and role on the team responsible for the construction and launch of a new, first-time website having multiple automated features, Alex Bakken was presented with the ICORE Service Award during the 2023 IRC awards celebration by Chair Annette Aysen.

The phase 1 website goal was reached in May. Brukenet Web Development first produced an automated membership system. Alex then outlined a member-friendly, automated, classification process that was implemented by the web developer.

Thanks to Alex for assuming the role of statistician in this 16-month project, and for devoting generous volunteer hours to the ICORE membership. In keeping with ICORE Policy, this was a joint selection by the Board and 2022 recipient Michael Wiggins.


Mike Wiggins


Mike Williams


Hugh Black

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Craig Gilbert


Chris Sallee

Hogue Family
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Ron Williamson


Vic Pickett

ICORE On-the-Spot Award

An On-the-Spot award may be granted by the Chair to recognize accomplishments, valuable contributions, or excellent performance toward the achievement of goals. It is generally a one-time recognition of a member for a special contribution or project, and it is a way of thanking a member and saying that his contributions were seen and valued. The recognition comes with an engraved ICORE tumbler and a letter from the Chair. The award was first presented in August 2022.

John Burkholder
August 3, 2022


On behalf of ICORE Chair Annette Aysen, Rocky Mountain Region Rep Kurt Ulrich made a presentation to recognize the contributions of long-time Colorado member John Burkholder. John received an "ICORE On-the-Spot Award", accompanied by a letter from the Chair, to start the 2022 Rocky Mountain Regional Championship.

John's ICORE classifiers span 22 years, with his first in 2000. As one of those perpetual volunteers, John was the driving force behind the RM Regional for so many years after ICORE lost Bud Bond. John's wife Pam and their son Joshua were there to share the love and shoot the match. More than you know, we appreciate John's service in support of ICORE.

Tom Olewine
August 20, 2022


To kick off the 2022 East Coast Regional Championship, Match Director and East Coast Region Rep Paul Jones (on the right) honored Pennsylvania member Tom Olewine on behalf of Chair Annette Aysen.

Tom has played an important role in starting ICORE at Ontelaunee RGC (Pennsylvania) and organizing matches for 20+ years. As a side note, Tom shot his first classifier in July 2002 and #209 in July 2022, putting him on the top 10 list of most classifiers on record! From the Chair, "Too many of our members go far beyond the call of duty not always known by the membership as a whole. It is their love of our sport and dedication to the revolver community."

Annette Aysen
November 6, 2022


Paul Pluff, on behalf of the ICORE Board, happily honored Annette Aysen with an “On-The-Spot” award. As Annette would say … “too many of our members go far beyond the call of duty not always known by the membership, and it is their love of the game and their dedication to the revolver community that keeps them working to keep our revolver sport going”. This completely describes Annette.

Annette started the ICORE journey in February 2005, shooting her first classifiers – CS-001 and CS-002 – two months later in April with Lafourche Speed Shooters. Now as the ICORE club rep for Palo Alto Rifle and Pistol Club, she is #15 on the list of ICORE members with the most classifier scores on record (169). Annette unique contributions stand out as the ICORE Chair who has been receptive to newer ideas and who provides Board members with the opportunity to be heard. Loyal volunteers are the foundation to any successful organization, and we are proud to have Annette as part of the ICORE family!

Kenneth Ortbach
July 30, 2023


Not only has Ken Ortbach been a long-time, active member, as is obvious by his contributions to the ICORE classifier collection, earning classifications in all four Divisions, and his place on the top 10 list of most classifiers. But, Ken’s dependability was especially evident in 2019 when he assumed responsibility for managing and hosting the International Revolver Championship after it was transferred to him at a late date.

Ken is a team player with regard to match-planning. His stages are original and challenging, he serves ICORE in a professional manner, and he is especially respectful of the rules, regardless of how trivial they may seem. He is a great shooter, and he continues to be an advocate for revolver shooting and for the shooting sports in general. On behalf of Chair Annette Aysen, New England Region Representative Bob Powell presented Ken with the ICORE On-the-Spot Award to kick off the start of the 2023 East Coast Regional Championship!

James Jensen
August 7, 2023


On behalf of Chair Annette Aysen, Wisconsin member Tom Gehl was thrilled when he was asked to present an ICORE On-the-Spot Award to Jim Jensen, Club Rep for the Rockford Revolvers. All prior recipients had been ICORE members for many years. Although Jim has been a member for just a short time, he projects the image of a long-time, experienced member with his enthusiasm and match management.

Annette described Jim as a breath of fresh air … with his willingness to take on the challenges of organizing a new indoor-only club, serving as club rep, and managing the concept of a first-time, multi-location, long-distance Regional Championship designed to promote Central area interest. Jim’s attitude toward membership promotion does not go unnoticed, and he is always gracious. Presenting in Illinois to launch the start of the five-stop Central Regional Championship, Tom Gehl, Jim’s number one supporter and fellow Rockford Revolver member, was the first to share that Jim is so deserving of the recognition.